Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New York Trip Re-cap

Here's some examples of what really stood out in my mind from New York:

At Moss I found one of my new favorite metalsmiths; Georg Dobler.  I thought his stuff was gorgeous.  I love the color of the metal in relation to his stones (same aesthetic as some of my favorite Karl Fritsch pieces, makes me want to make an oxidized silver piece with a huge stone from inspiration)  The true to life form of the beetles was very nice, but the flower piece was my favorite, by far, then I found the first image on top, which i love even more, I love organic form!
I swear I'm not violent, but I'm kind of obsessed with the AK-47 form, and I REALLY would love one of these lamps, created by Philippe Stark
One of my obsessions besides coral, are chandeliers, and Moss was packed with some great ones, this one was just amazing,  Hans Harald Rath created this one and it comes in 3 different sizes.

Here are some examples from MAD that I really liked. 
Ruth Radacovich created this ring.  I love big rings, and I would kill to own this one,  its almost coral (making me love it even more) I love the whole design; it wouldn't be as successful if the stone was set in the bulk of the ring.  This ring makes me want to cast a bunch of stuff!
Emiko Suo - This picture does not do this piece justice,  in real life it was stunning and so delicate.  The different metals paired great against each other and the hair-thin strings made it very interesting.
Ruth Tomlinson - These earrings were very nice, reminded me of lilly of the valley, one my mothers favorite flowers, the different colors utilized in the rings and earrings (coral reds, and light blues were very nice)  Overall a very marketable piece.
These cut out bags were INSANE.  How you could even figure out to cut them out is beyond me and the great detail that they went to was unreal, so tiny, yet so defined at once, even though it was most likely lasercut it is still gorgeous.  The different color bags were interesting.  Yuken Teruya created this series.
Tara Donovan created this button sculpture,  I liked it since it reminded me of a coral branch from a far.  So anything that even slightly resembles coral = LOVE.  I would never want to make it, but it was nice to look at!

Overall I loved the places I went, didn't love the rain, humidity, or the pretzel that made me severely nauseated all day.  I bought some cool stuff at the MoMA store, another acrylic "diamond" ring and the little Munny statue, I'm looking forward to coloring it in.  

Soho was just amazing, of the many times I've been to NY this was my first venture to Soho, and I definitely need to go back for at least a whole day there, so much to see.  Between the galleries here and there and the one of a kind boutiques were amazing, and I really want to go shop at the Rugby store we passed on University Place.  I love the whole look of Soho, a nice change from the midtown Manhattan sky scrapers, tons of character, and life, and the graffiti alone is reason to go back, I'm pissed I had my crappy camera with me!  And I love how the street vendors aren't hocking fake purses, tourist photo prints, and cheap scarves, but rather handmade jewelry.  There was one vendor who I was in awe of, gigantic cocktail rings right up my alley, he designs some pieces for Anthropologie.  Lots of silver, some bronze, and a gigantic stone, all with their own character and personality, truly fun, but I liked a $450 and $360 of course.   I could not find anything I loved and wanted under $150 that day so I gave up on a pretty new piece of jewelry.  I fell in love with a bracelet in the MAD store created by Xeno Glassworks, but I didn't want to splurge early on in the day, and I wish I would have because I really loved the piece, I'm finally coming around to bracelets, and this one was great!  So New York was fun but I need a weekend set aside for Soho, hopefully I'll get the time soon, definitely before it gets really cold, within the next month or so.

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