Tuesday, October 7, 2008

AAR : DIY/Guerilla Tactics

  • Overall graphic quality of the book; simple set up, uniformed writing format/template, visually appealing balance of text and images.
  • Quick to the point and concise information/guidelines
  • Size 
  • Bit more information presented in the same concise form.
  • Covering coping with the emotional element of disaster as a topic.
  • Even more sustainable materials used.
  • Distributing more on a wide scale, to encompass colleges as well
  • Interactive notes page that could have space to customize with important names, numbers, evacuation site plans, and local help organizations .
What If's:
  • The cover was constructed out of plexiglass or hard and sustainable cover with a photo transfered image.
  • A large poster, whole page layout version of the book on one sheet, could be given to the agencies I distributed the books to so that they could post it for display in their headquarters.
  • I could create a mass scale and send them to colleges that are in "risk areas" for out of touch or those uneducated on hurricanes.
  • I could have created a pin to coincide with the book and sent a few different versions depicting various stages of the hurricane along with the books. ( I REALLY wish I would have had enough time to create 20 pins that could have gone with the books as well)
Overall, I'm very happy with the work I did, I feel there's room exploration and distribution of these books that could have many different options, but I'm proud of the end result I came up with.

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