Saturday, October 25, 2008

Social Design: Subject matter, good German design

Thank you Germany...for your beer and amazing packaging!  So basically I've been chopping off the tops of beer bottles and wine bottles galore to make rings, then grinding, sanding, filing, and polishing like crazy, but I'm LOVING it.  I've also been "bottle scoping" almost annoyingly so, I avoided trying to sneak a bunch of beer bottles from my family get together last night at a restaurant (they weren't very cool anyway)  BUT speaking of cool, I raided Kyle's recycling and empty bottles throughout the house, and found some remnants from the German party, haha, they brought beer, and lots of it, so I found some more fun bottles to attack.

I'm not sure if nuns in Germany sit around shooting the shit and drinking beer, but I couldn't stop laughing, this is definitely going up for design studio.
This bottle had a pretty awesome label, I carefully ripped it off, and its going in my sketchbook.

But the best part of this is the bottle tops, I've found 3 different German beer bottles and they all have these tops, a lot more interesting than screw tops and wine bottle tops that I've been finding.  I've made myself the first prototype ring with a brown bottle like this and have been wearing it for the last few days, but I'm really excited that I found a green bottle like that, even more fun!  I'm really liking this project, and its something that I could keep doing easily as I collect more bottles.  Luckily, there's still some of the beer left in the fridge, now I just need to employ someone to drink it.

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